On June 10, the IDIGH program took a significant step towards environmental responsibility by joining a new sustainability initiative focused on recycling non-biohazardous waste. This initiative, launched by the RI sustainability team, aims to reduce our environmental impact while promoting a healthier planet.

The initiative began with a training session organized by the RI sustainability team on June 10, ensuring that everyone interested was well-prepared to start recycling. Bins and necessary materials were distributed on this date, marking the beginning of our efforts to recycle these specific materials more effectively.

Making a Positive Impact
The core goal of this initiative is to protect our environment by diverting non-biohazardous materials away from landfills. Initially piloted in July 2023 by the RI-MUHC’s Translational Research in Respiratory Diseases (RESP) Program, this sustainability project focuses on recycling materials such as laboratory plastics, nitrile gloves, and glass. These items were collected on-site and managed by Multirecycle, diverting 100% from the waste stream into recycling.

Building on the success of the pilot project, the sustainability initiative has significantly expanded in 2024. Four additional research programs—Metabolic Disorders and Complications, Child Health and Human Development, Cancer Research, and Infectious Diseases, Immunity, and Global Health—have joined forces with RESP. This expansion demonstrates our commitment across different research fields at RI-MUHC to adopt sustainable practices and uphold environmental responsibility.

Material Recycling Guide:
Currently, we are recycling five types of materials. Colored bins will be placed in hallways and labs for easy identification. Please refer to the chart below to correctly dispose of each type of material:

Get Involved:
Your participation is crucial as we continue to advance our sustainability efforts. Whether you have ideas to further reduce waste or want to join ongoing initiatives, we encourage you to contact the Sustainability team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Together, we can make a real difference in preserving our planet for future generations.