Congratulations to Martin Olivier whose research has been named one of Québec Science's 10 discoveries of 2022.

The group of researchers was selected by Québec Science for their study published in July 2022 in the journal Cell Reports in which, the researchers demonstrated that drug-resistant Leishmania release extracellular vesicles (cell-secreted nanoparticles) that contain drug resistance genes. 

The study "Leishmania parasites exchange drug-resistance genes through extracellular vesicles" was conducted by Noélie Douanne, George Dong, Atia Amin, Lorena Bernardo, Mathieu Blanchette, David Langlais, Martin Olivier and Christopher Fernandez-Prada.

If, like us, you believe that this research conducted by the Université de Montréal (Christopher Fernandez-Prada), McGill University (David Langlais) and the Research Institute of the MUHC (Martin Olivier) is important, you can vote for it at the following address: (French only).

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