* RIIGHT: Research in Infection, Immunity & Global Health Trainees

In today’s competitive job market, trainees need to be well-rounded and versatile in order to standout among competitors. Our IDIGH Program offer opportunities to our graduate students and post-doctoral fellows to develop skills in leadership, event planning, fundraising and event marketing to enrich their training experience and to expand expertise.

Our IDIGH Program Trainee Committee is in charge or actively involved in the following:

Co-presidents of the Research Day:

  • Céleste Pilon
  • Aunonna Kabir

Organizers of the Work in Progress:

  • Mikhaël Attias
  • Tho-Alfakar Al-Aubodah

VP External:

  • Lisa Bu
  • Vimal Anand

VP Social:

  • Évelyne Côté

RI-MUHC representative:

  • Vimal Anand

CORE representative:

  • TBD

Other members of the committee:

  • Carlos Villalba Guerrero